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If you are looking for a software with all resources needed to send newsletters, e-zines and e-mails we have the best solution for you.
If you want a software to identify customers and extract from the internet targeted e-mails and other information like phones and fax numbers or company names, we have the best solution for you too. Know our softwares:
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Newsletter 2.1 Turbo - more information
Proffessional software for e-mail delivery
with all resources you need
With Newsletter you can easily and proffessionally send e-mails with your newsletters, e-zines, campaings for customers and any kind of e-mail you want to send fast or personalized.

Easy and intuitive user interface


Allows message personalization



Send e-mails with or without a SMTP server
You don't need to publish the images on internet to send your e-mails
Exclusive extra utilities
Link Web Extractor 2.1 - more information
Locate and extract targeted information from Internet like e-mails, phone and fax numbers, company names and more.
Link Web Extractor is the most complete software for e-mail and other data extraction. It can find and capture thousands of targeted information from Internet web sites.

Easy and intuitive user interface


Simultaneous threads



Exclusive Data management
Locate and extracts data on Internet using keywords or Url addresses
Saves captured data in text files
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